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About News Backatcha

News-Backatcha offers a unique stage where people express their views on current events, while learning how others see it. We open the doors to an all encompassed unique stage that interfaces opinion with fact. Viewpoints around the world vary from within provinces, states, countries, religions, ethnicity, politics, and education. An individual’s outlook fingerprints us as politically correct or can typecast us as defiant. At News-Backatcha were not here to tell you what’s true or false, no self-serving edification; you express your opinion while interacting with others.

Profiling you

The design of News-Backatcha is to educate and be educated. Voice your views and clutch the flipside, understand what makes us different. We achieve this by profiling all participants, not in a governmental or commercial sense of tracking. We get personal, but not private, we have no interest in your name, address or phone number; you maintain full anonymity. We gather information so that you can click on a sidebar to see the demographics of what backgrounds motivates support for an idea or decimates it as folly. This information gives you a clearer picture of how people react and what external influences shape their opinion and in return, ours.

Express your beliefs

The fundamental premise comes from the simple make up of humans: everyone has an opinion. No two people see the world exactly alike and different temperaments will apply in different ways. Opinions are formed through education and often in a process of open discussion and public debate making it an interactive apparatus of social existence. A Gallup poll taken in 1999 asked Americans whether they would vote for an otherwise well-qualified person. Who was a women 95%, Roman Catholic 94%, Jew 92%, Black 92%, Mormon 79%, homosexual, 79% and atheist 49%. This poll demonstrates the power of religion in the United States, but falls short in revealing the people behind the picture. News-Backatcha is a Gallup poll that pries deeper to characterize the type of people that make up the majority on current issues that shape our everyday lives. If you want to Express Your Opinion, participate, bring change to an issue and have input that counts. Sign up now and be heard
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