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Witnesses cast doubt on Israel's convoy raid account
BBC News-2010-06-01 11:37:25

Israeli army footage showing the violence on board the flotilla - the captions and circled points on this video were inserted by the Israeli army.Full Story

'Barbaric' killing of murder suspect by Lebanese mob
Residents at the scene of the hanging in Ketermaya village, Lebanon, on 29/04/2010. Residents watched as the body was hung in the village square Lebanese officials are investigating the lynching by angry villagers of an Egyptian man accused of killing a local couple and their two grandchildren.
Iran is not co-operating with the UN nuclear watchdog's
Iran is not co-operating with the UN nuclear watchdog's investigation into the country's nuclear programme, the new head of the agency has said.
Murder charges for Jewish settler
A Jewish settler has been charged in Israel with murdering two Palestinians and attacking left-wing Israeli, gay and messianic Jewish targets.
Death for Egypt drug smugglers
Four Jordanians have been sentenced to death by an Egyptian court for smuggling hashish into Egypt.
Time 'running out' on Iran talks
The leaders of the US and Russia have warned Iran that time is running out for talks over its nuclear programme.
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